About Us

Applied Bacterial Control

Applied Bacterial Control was founded in 2016 by gut health and water hygiene specialists and veterinary surgeons, that combined, have over 30 years’ experience in flock management and herd health.

Our team will work with you to understand your environment and objectives and develop a tailored gut health and water hygiene programme, specific to your needs and objectives, using the right combination of systems and products.

The Founders

Richard Turner

Richard qualified from Queens College, Cambridge and joined the farm division of St David’s Vet Group. After becoming a partner, he went on to form St David’s Farm and Equine Practice in 1997. With Alan Beynon, he then founded a dedicated poultry and game practice in 2006 – St David’s Poultry Team – which is now the largest independent poultry practice in the UK and Ireland. Richard has extensive experience in many areas of poultry medicine and production, with the practice caring for a large proportion of the UK and Ireland’s broilers – including large integrators – and having responsibility for the majority of the layer flocks across the UK.

He also been instrumental in the UK industry with the development of protocols and products that improve gut health and water hygiene.

Sophie Pentecost

Sophie has many years’ experience working in dairy, pig and poultry sectors with her focus now being on the importance of water quality and managing systems to maintain clean water and promote gut health. Sophie also has extensive experience in the application and use of organic acids in livestock production.

In 2014, Sophie was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, that enabled her to travel the world looking at her chosen topic – “No antibiotics ever – an option for the UK broiler industry?” This reinforced the importance of gut health and water hygiene as a way of driving down the use of antibiotics. Setting up Applied Bacterial Control was the next logical step.

Sophie now works with producers to develop and implement gut health and water hygiene programmes, tailored to their individual site’s needs and objectives.