The importance of good water hygiene for layer farms

At last year’s BFREPA Conference, Charles Macleod, the Commercial Manager, Layers at St David’s Poultry Team, delivered a presentation on the importance and benefits of good water hygiene. Improving bird health and welfare is a priority for poultry farmers. Coupled with the desire to drive efficiencies, productivity and maximise the returns of layer flocks, there […]

The importance of good gut health in broilers

When looking at a bird’s digestion, this obviously starts at the beak where salivary glands begin the digestion process. Feed then descends into the crop via the esophagus, with the crop acting as an expandable storage component. Feed then passes into the proventriculus where digestive enzymes are released and then into the gizzard which is […]

Using organic acids to promote growth and reduce cellulitis rejects in broilers

Rejects across the broiler industry have been rising year-on-year and are often down to cellulitis. The reasons for the cellulitis can include disease challenge such as gumboro, water sanitation and high bacterial loading. The benefits of promoting a healthy gut bacterial population is well documented. However, trials into the use of organic acids specifically to […]


What is ABC pH? ABC pH is a buffered blend of organic acids with copper and zinc. Acids included are Formic Acid, Propionic Acid, Lactic Acid and Acetic Acid. Why buffered? The buffering of the acid blend enables it to be administered via the water without taking the pH too low (more on why this […]

Essential Oils Boost Calf Health

Alternative therapies are being widely used in other sectors to improve livestock health, however, with a lack of research in the dairy industry farmers are falling behind. Vet Charlie Carslake recently carried out a trial to assess such treatments in calves. There is no denying that the whole agricultural industry is cracking down on antibiotic […]

The Dutch livestock industry and antibiotics usage

The Netherlands’ policy to reduce the amount of antibiotic (AB) medication used in livestock production is often hailed as a paragon of achievement. Forged by industry stakeholders and the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association, it is backed up by tough government regulations and underwritten by the Authority for Veterinary Medicinal Products (SDa), an independent body that […]