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ABC Acid Wheat Treatment

Are you adding wheat on farm? Are you treating the wheat as per Red Tractor Standards? If not, look no further. ABC has developed a standalone dosing system for the acid treatment of wheat on farm.

Following the changes to Red Tractor standards stating that all feed must be heat treated or acid treated for Salmonella, ABC has worked with Kemin to supply a cost effective way to carry out this treatment on farm for all those that are adding wheat.

The pump simply fits into the top of the IBC of Salcurb and can be sprayed onto the wheat as it is blown into the bin. Although this would be the ideal set-up due to the flexible nature of the equipment it can be adjusted for a number of different requirements.

The pump is very simple to use; all you need to do is set the rate at which the product needs to be added to the wheat (3kg/tonne), and the rate at which the wheat is being blown (information easily obtained).

If you are interested, please contact Sophie on 01939 555025 to book a site survey.


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