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Combining Water Sanitation and Gut Health Optimisation in Layers

In the current climate of antibiotic reduction the requirement for optimal gut health in layers is increasing. By utilising products that promote a healthy gut the bird is well placed to survive disease challenges as well as maintaining, or increasing performance.

The LMS system is an automated dosing system, installed at a central point to provide birds with chlorinated and acidified water. The system utilises two adjustable pumps enabling easy adjustment to ensure sanitation and pH levels are maintained correctly. By acidifying the water the system ensures that the chlorine is as effective as it can be at ensuring the water is kept free from bacteria.

In addition the system is designed to not only provide birds with clean drinking water but also promote a healthy microflora. The blend of acids used to acidify the water contains organic acids. Organic acids have been proven to aid gut health by helping to maintain an acidic gut environment. This helps promote the ‘acid-loving beneficial’ bacteria as well as preventing the proliferation of the pathogenic alkaline bacteria.  

Ensuring a healthy gut helps promote the absorption of nutrients and reduces FCR. The bird is also better placed to withstand disease challenges therefore reducing mortality figures. The LMS system has also been shown to aid egg production, particularly in the later stages of lay.

As well as providing water sanitation and promoting gut health in one system the team at ABC are on hand to assist with the day to day management of the system providing as much back-up as is necessary. This includes regular visits for meter calibrations, chlorine level checks and general maintenance. All product deliveries are carried out by the ABC team so there is no handling of chemicals for you or your farm staff.

For those clients that have tried other organic acid products this might be the next step in providing continual acidification AND clean water. If you are have any questions or are interested in the LMS system please contact us today.


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