ABC has a number of specialists within the company that can provide customers with help and advice regarding both acidification and water hygiene. If you are having difficulty in either of these areas then ABC is perfectly positioned to help solve your issues.

Should you require assistance with either acidification or water hygiene then an ABC consultant can come out and carry out a full site specific investigation to identify any areas where problems may be occurring or where improvements can be made. As part of this visit samples will also be collected for any diagnostic tests necessary. This can include water samples for microbiological testing, mineral analysis of water supplies and samples for titrations. A full report will be provided alongside any analysis with recommendations for both products and protocols.

ABC can also provide field services support with routine monitoring of water hygiene and can put a farm specific programme in place. This can include sampling for bacteriological testing and checking pH when acidifying water.

For more information on what ABC can offer you and prices please contact Sophie on 01939 555025