What We Do

ABC can provide a range of options from standalone sanitisers and organic acid-based products, to fully automated systems that deliver clean water and gut health products in one process. Our team will work with you and your wider team, including your vet, to understand your livestock’s gut health and water hygiene needs, and design and build a solution that is specific to those. This includes a programme of ongoing on-farm support too.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your current situation and requirements when it comes to improving the gut health status of your livestock, or water hygiene needs.


ABC offer two complete dosing systems: ABC’s fully automated two-pump dosing system that administers chorine and acid products simultaneously – promoting gut health and delivering clean water continuously – and FarmWater – a whole site solution to water hygiene using chlorine dioxide injection units.

Products (1)

ABC provides two main types of products: Acidifiers that promote gut health and sanitisers that improve water hygiene.

Used and recommended by vets, these products enable a proactive and targeted approach to improve gut health and water hygiene.

Field Services

ABC works with producers and vets to advise on total packages that promote gut health and improve water hygiene. These packages include thorough site specific investigations and diagnostic testing to get to the root cause of water hygiene issues, and recommendations to resolve and manage this longer term..