ABC provides two types of products: Acidifiers that promote gut health and sanitisers that improve water hygiene.

Used and recommended by vets, these products enable a proactive and targeted approach to improve gut health and water hygiene.

Acidifiers – in water

The acidification of drinking water to promote gut health is a long-established protocol that controls pathogenic bacteria by penetrating the bacterial cell wall, lowering the pH within the bacteria, preventing it replicating.

Our organic acid products – ABC Start and ABC pH – are administered via the drinking water. The ABC team will carry out farm specific titrations to determine your exact dose rates to optimise the products’ performance.

ABC Start

This is a lactic acid-based blend designed to promote early intestinal development, that is particularly effective in broilers and turkeys. Organic acids are combined with copper and energy to encourage early drinking and feed consumption that aids chick development in the first 5-7 days of the crop. It can be used as part of a programme with ABC pH, which you would continue to use, during the rest of the crop.

Pack Size 12kg


ABC pH is a unique blend of buffered organic acids with added copper and zinc, that aids protein digestion and improves the palatability of water. It lowers the pH of the drinking water, promoting gut health as well as helping with the control of bacterial growth and pathogens, such as E.coli and Salmonella.

Pack Size 25kg

Water Sanitisers

Thorough cleaning of drinker lines and water pipes prevents the build-up of biofilm, and therefore reduces the risk of animals being exposed to harmful bacteria.

ABC can supply Aqua-clean and Huwa-San water sanitation products. These products are suitable for both terminal disinfections of the drinking lines/water system and in-crop water hygiene management.

The ABC team will work with you to ensure clean water and drinker lines/pipes that are free from biofilm. This includes routine testing to monitor water hygiene and drinker line/pipes conditions and advising on the product most suitable for your needs.


Aqua-clean is based on hydrogen peroxide, enriched with a special complex containing silver. This combination suits the heavy cleaning needs of farm drinking systems.

When Aqua-clean meets dirt in the system, it will be activated, and bubbles of oxygen will brush dirt away.

Pack Size 10L


Huwa-San is a biological disinfectant based on active oxygen effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

Huwa-San is hydrogen peroxide based with a unique silver stabiliser complex, is odourless, biodegradable and completely mixable with water.

Pack Size 10kg/25kg